Luiz Gustavo Anacleto da Silva   (Gustavo Anacleto)*artistic name

Saxophonist and arranger, Gustavo Anacleto was born and raised in Recife , Brazil.

Starts to play and acoustic guitar at 8 years old from 13 and then began to play saxophone, studied and graduated in saxophone ,composition and arranger at conservatory of Brazilian music.    Also has been study jazz with Americans and French musicians, and latin music with his Venezuelan teacher.

Very active for many years in musical scenes at Recife ,Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, he moved to France to disseminate brazilian music styles ( bossa nova ,frevo, samba ,baiao and so on..) Backing to Brazil he was dedicate to fuse jazz with brazilian styles where he recorded some cd s.

At December in last year He moved to Tokyo, Japan, and then he participates in Japan musical scenes with jazz singers , brazilian groups and singers, and fusion groups.

He was performed and Recorded with

In Brazil and another countries

Alceu Valenca   

Antonio Nobrega

Andre Rio

Spok Frevo Orchestra

Anacrusa Jazz fusion

Macamba Jazz fusion

Elba Ramalho

Jorge vercilo

Andrew Scott Potter

David E. Tillman

Jeff Gardner

Armel Dupas

Franck Lechajur

In Japan

Kimiko Ithor (jazz singer)

Toku(jazz singar e trompeter)

Kenji Hino ( jazz,fusion and pop bassist)

Inoue Yuchi (jazz pianist)

Unno Tadakata (jazz pianist)

Bruno Diminio (french singer and jazz guitarist)

Frederic Viennot (jazz ,and fusion pianist,)

Silvio Anastacio –(brazilian singer , and acoustic guitarist

Som Brasil (brazilian group in Tokyo) Paulo Gomes and Francis

Damion (brazilian percussionist)

Wilma(brasilian singer)

(C) Copyright Gustavo Anacleto 2006 All rights reserved.